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Celebrating Life!

I am beaming! I want to shout it from the rooftops.  God is so good! Even in the midst of daily struggles I am OVERWHELMED by His Love, Mercy and Grace. My prayers are being answered right before my eyes!
I must share my testimony of God moving in our family.  This week has been an eye-opening time of seeing how His Spirit is moving in the earth.  So many are talking of the end-days and how horrific times are.  Yes, times are bad when you look at the overall picture.  But, NOW is the time for us to open our hearts, our spiritual eyes, and share the wonders of the Lord we see occurring every single day of our lives. He is moving!  We just have to see.
This week my children were involved with our church's, CHURCH OF THE HIGHLANDS, version of Vacation Bible School, SUMMER BLAST!  And let me tell you, God had such a great plan set in place for our family.  
We are fairly new members of Church of the Highlands.  So, being new members we are still learning our way around and waiting for the Lord to show us where to serve.  Our sons and our daughter have also been reluctant to participate in the youth activities because they don’t know anyone.  

When Summer Blast was announced, some Sunday’s ago, my daughter, Anna, my 6 year old, perked up and said, “Can I go to that? Will they have water [as is sprinklers, water balloons, etc.]”  I told her yes, but I wasn’t sure about the water part.  As soon as we got home I got on line and registered her.  
To my surprise Nicholas, my 11 year old, said he would like to volunteer.  Wow!  This is my child who just a year or so earlier was having anxiety attacks and some days wouldn’t want to even go out of the house.  Now, literally by a miracle of God, I have this happy, outgoing, compassionate young man who wants to lead the karate class and volunteer at church to serve the elementary school children.  Praise the Lord!  
So, again I searched for the information of who to contact and got him all set up to volunteer.  This got me to thinking.  “Well, our Youth Conference, MOTION, is coming up and I want Cameron, my 14 year old, to meet some friends so he’ll want to go to that, so………….I think I’ll ………….. Just volunteer him too.”  I held my breath.  I waited a few days.  When it was closer to time to go to the pre-meetings I sprang it on him!  Look out! Momma’s being sneaky!
At first, he was not happy with me.  Quite frankly he was a bit miffed.  But, on the other hand, he seemed almost a little glad that he had a purpose, something to do.  

So Summer Blast was upon us and it was time to have fun.  
Monday morning at 6 am came really early.  Not one word of complaint. [I think the promise of breakfast and lunch for the Serve Team helped, a Lot!] Anna was SO excited!  She had me pray for her to be brave as she met new friends.  I dropped them off and headed home.  
The whole time they were there I prayed fervently.  I wanted so much for them to experience the Love and Joy of the Lord in whatever they would do that day.  My prayers were answered.
Everyday I picked them up, they were beaming with joy overflowing.  They chattered about how much fun they were having, everything they had done, and what they had done with their new friends.  Cameron could not quit sharing story after story about this friend and that and the little girl that latched on to him for safety.  Nicholas told of getting to ride in the service vehicle and the funny things their friends would do.  Anna said she had so much fun, that she had met a new friend and begged me to bring her back every day!  God was moving and helping them make connections!
At the end of Summer Blast they had Family Worship on  Wednesday night.  The children had been invited to give their lives to Christ and were told they could receive water baptism at the service that night.  My sweet Anna said she was ready!  aAaa!  Can you say excited???  I got on the phone and called my husband, my mom, my Aunt and Uncle and Chris called his dad.  We wanted them to share this miracle with our children.  
As the day progressed, Nicholas came to me and said he was ready too!!! Double Blessed!  Thank you Lord!
My husband called me from work and said, “Have you seen Cameron’s Facebook page?” I told him no.  He then said, “We are going to have to talk to him about his influences at church.”  Uh oh.  He made it sound like it was so bad.  I hopped on the computer and searched Cameron’s post.  Glory be!!!!  And I quote,  
“Just finished serving at summer blast. It really was a blast and I wasn't even supposed to be the one having a blast!”

And then he posted this picture. 


Before they even knew that their sister was ready to be baptized that night, they were BEGGING me to go to SWITCH, our church’s Youth Services.  Again, prayers answered. The children whom I could not force to go to Wednesday Night Switch, now were begging me.  Hallelujah!
When we got to the church, excitement was in the air.  We got Anna and Nicholas signed in and got their Baptism shirts.  Worship was powerful.  The Word of the Lord, 

“For the Lord is the Spirit, and WHEREVER THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD IS, THERE IS FREEDOM! [2 Corinthians 3:17] 
was resonating through my spirit.  I was looking at the children dancing before the Lord in the aisle and I was reminded of David dancing in the streets of Jerusalem.  It was electrifying.  I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!  Then…

It was time for Baptism.  I didn’t know what to expect.  You know.  When you have children, as with God, all things are possible.  Am I right?  Well, we made our way to the front with over a hundred other children.  Amazing!  
First was Nicholas!  I could see the nervousness in him, but I could also see great joy trying to escape from him.  When he came out of the water, I new his joy had been released.  He smiled from ear-to-ear!

Next was Anna.  She began to panic a little bit while waiting.  We encouraged her and helped her understand that God was with her and she could do it!  She stepped in behind her brother, followed Pastors instructions and under she went.  She came out of the pool beaming.  They wrapped her in a towel and I ran to hug and congratulate she and Nicholas.  Oh the smiles!  They were glowing.  How beautiful were my children, soaking wet in the Baptism of Jesus Christ.  Those were the sweetest hugs and words in a momma’s heart.  

Anna, melted.  The Spirit of the Lord was all over her.  She wept and wept, saying “Momma, I feel so good.  I feel so good.  I feel so good, momma.”  She could’t stop.  I was so happy for her.  I took her to the back of the church, away from the crowd to really hear her.  Her cries of joy continued and I swept her into my arms, wet baby girl [yes, I know she is 6 now] towel and all.  I rocked her, listening to her as she repeated, “I feel so good, momma, I feel so good.  Thank you Lord, I am so blessed.  I feel so good.”  It was the most precious experience I have ever had witnessing the Spirit of God move in a persons life, ever!  
When she was ready I took her to see her family and she could barely stop crying.  Deep, genuine, sobs.  While we were in the restroom changing she was trying to explain how she was feeling.  “I don’t know how to describe it, momma.  It just feels so good.  It’s like there’s life in me [as she moves her hands in front of her belly and chest].  Like there is a light in me.  It just feels so good!”  All I could say was, “I am so happy for you baby.  That is the Lord loving all of over you.  He is making Himself known to you.  His Spirit is all over you.  What a gift!”
When we were all changed and the children received sweet gifts from their Gran, I just stood there, taking it all in.  The church was still filled with energy as families of the other children were congratulating one another and greeting the newest members of the Kingdom of Heaven in the family.  My son ran to see a friend and share the news of his and his sisters baptism.  Wow!  What a gift.  I hand’t even realized in all the hullabaloo that they were able to share this experience together.  Oh, I hope they treasure that forever!

That is my testimony.  I am so happy to get it out and share with you and the world that God answers prayers.  He is doing such a mighty work through the church and through our children.  Never doubt!  Keep pressing into the Lord for the hearts of your children.  For weeks on the prayer list at church, I have had them intercede for the hearts of my children.  Oh, the doors He is opening for them to find their purpose, NOW!  Not in the future, but NOW!  Praise the Lord. All Glory goes to God for this testimony.  Only He could do such a mighty work and beautiful miracles.  
Thank you for letting me pour my heart out to you today.  I pray a prayer of blessing over you all, that you may know Him more intimately every single day!  I bless you in Jesus Name!
From My Heart to Yours,

Revelation 12:11


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