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To me, TOGETHER, means Family... Ohana.  In the Hebrew together is  :: YACHAD.

As an only child, we were most always together.  I loved it that way.  Vacations, sports, events.  Together.

With my love, from the beginning we always just wanted to be Together.  From the moment I laid eyes on him I knew "I'm going to be married to him some day".  Always together.  When he had to go back to Auburn, my heart cried to be with him at every moment.  There was no texting, no internet.  Just long-distance phone calls and Love letters galore.  How I treasure those precious letters that brought us together through the miles. As parents, it's hard to find that time, just us.  But, when we do it's all the more precious.

Together.  When we had children that's how we decided to live as a family.  We don't run from our children, trying to escape the insane days of parenting.  We walk it through.  Vacations, Scouts, Sports, life and fun, and more. Even as they grow and they complain "Do I have to go", we still do it, Together.  It's how we roll.

Thus, we made our decision to Homeschool.  We learn together.  Everyday. All day.

Church... Worship, we do it together.

Holidays. Sickness.  Trials.  Funerals. There have been difficult family times together when it comes to extended family. But, in the end we are family and we are doing life together.

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.
Revelation 12:11


  1. I loved reading your thoughts on together. They are so full of love and togetherness.

  2. Thank you so much Ruby. I just found 5 Minute Friday's and I LOVE how easy it is to freely write. That's my style of writing. Thank you for reading!


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