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Vintage Remedies for Guys ~ TOS Review



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 A company 'accidently' birthed from the heart of Jessie Hawkins

Vintage Remedies for Guys
For Ages 7-13

Vintage Remedies for Guys is a complete curriculum for your sons ages 7-13 leading them to a greater understanding of healthy choices and the effects of natural living on their growing bodies.   Designed to be completed in one year, one chapter every two weeks, you can complete the program 1 chapter every week or spread it out as long as is right for your school.

3 Topics / 18 Chapters on the subjects of:

Real Food
Kitchen Basics
Healthy Drinks
Snack Time...

Healthy and Clean Bodies
Immunity and Prevention
Coughs and Colds...

Cleaner Cleaning
Green Gifting...

As Jesse suggests, you do not have to start from the begining, progressing in order.  You can start with your favorite subject working on what is important for you and your boys.  This is a parent led program that requires mom or dad's involvement.  Each lesson provides a Parent/Leader Guide, giving you the purpose of the lesson and the projects as well as a supply list.  At the end of the book you have a short list of test questions to increase your students knowledge. 

This is a wonderful Health education program that eases your child into understanding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  As I stated earlier I am an Organic Health nut and sometimes my children look at me as just that, a NUT.  This is a wonderful way to allow them to hear the facts from someone else and really understand why I am so adamant about keeping our food as clean as possible, use cleaners/products without chemicals and use what the Lord has given us to live a long, healthy life.

Jesse has really taken to heart the view-point of young men and what they need to hear to enjoy what they are learning about health living.  She has given them facts that give them the tools to make healthy choices a habit for a lifetime.  The chapters are short enough to hold your sons attention while being long enough to give them a wealth of information. 

The recipes are opening doors for us to have a fun project to do together as we are learning.  The end result is a reward of a great snack, bread, drink, or natural cleaner and more.  Jessie teaches your son:
  • how to make their own cheese
  • homemade bread
  • herbs that boost the immune system
  • calendula poultice
  • homemade and  natural cleaning supplies

With so many books out there that tout the 'Green-living' lifestyle in a way that makes one cringe thinking worship of the earth is far more important than caring for the precious gifts of life the Lord has given us, this book is a wonderful addition to any Christian families library of learning. 

I believe you are really going to enjoy Jesse Hawkins Vintage Remedies for Guys.  She has also published Vintage Remedies for Girls and Vintage Remedies for Kids.  Jump on over to Vintage Remedies and see all of the great books and programs she has available to give your family health and nutrition.

In addition to Vintage Remedies for Guys, our family was also blessed with a special gift, The Herbal Kitchen book.

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.
Revelation 12:11

I received this product for free for my honest review and opinion.


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