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2011 Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

Hi MOSS Friends!  Today I am linking up by joining my sweet friend and my TOS Homeschool Crew fearless leader Brenda Emmett over at Garden of Learning during her November 2011 Gratitude Challenge.  Every day I will share with you what I am thankful for.  I missed day 1 so I may double up today just to remember how thankful I was yesterday as well.

If you would like to join the challenge you can visit Brenda's blog by clicking the link above and start sharing your Gratitude with the World!

So today, this is what I am THANKFULLLLLL for:

  • The Power of the Word of God and the Blood of Jesus
  • My children healing from a virus
  • Anna's imagination
  • My husband's love
  • Special opportunities to share our homeschool experience by the Grace of God
  • Family that cares
  • Snuggles from a child with achy, feverish body
  • Nicholas' determination in Karate
  • Truth being revealed through he Spirit of God
  • New packages

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.
Revelation 12:11

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