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A New Habit

I am inspired.  The Lord has been reminding me through different avenues to begin a new habit this week. 

Flylady said it,
"You're not behind!  I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where you are OK?" 

Michelle with Above Rubies Canada ministered...
"Wherever you are at today, start there!  Does your marriage need a boost?  Plan a romantic evening.  Do some habits need changing? Pick one and begin to conquer it!  Does your home need some work?  Start with one closet or one room!  ... May the Lord multiply your efforts as you trust in Him for victory!"

Even Joyce Meyer says...
"If you can't have authority over a sink full of dirty dishes how can you have authority in other areas of your life."

So, I am here to share with you my New Habit.  A clean bathroom everyday!  An idea taken from Flylady and some Homeschooling, Homemaking women of wisdom. I have cleaned out the clutter in my two main bathrooms and made cleaning, or Swishing and Swiping [Flylady], a daily activity.  I have boys.  Enough said, right?  So daily cleaning is almost a must if you want to keep it looking and smelling fresh. 

First I purchased some very inexpensive locking plastic containers, cheap wash cloths and a large jar/crock [I used the super large Ball jars I found very cheap at Target]. 

I first filled the plastic container with hot water and a disinfectant.  For this go around I used Shaklee's Basic G which is a germicide that kills all germs.  Then I added folded wash cloths into the water in the container and sealed the top.  I placed it on the floor next to the commode to have it ready for use every morning when I enter the bathroom. 

[Forgive the dated wallpaper.  Once my habit becomes a lifestyle my plan is to reward
myself with a fresh coat of paint to give this bathroom a whole new look]

The idea is to take one of these cloths each day and swipe down the sink, the light switch and the door handle [sometimes the mirror] then wipe down the commode from top to bottom.  Again, I say, I have boys. 

NOTE: I have a small trash can in my laundry room that is designated for the used cloths.  Once I run out of these cloths in the container I replace them with the reserve stack I have clean and wash the ones in the trash can.

Clean and germ free!

Next, I place the Ball jar on the floor on the other side of the commode with cleaner and a brush.  Normally I would just keep left-over soap or an organic cleaner but my husband found the Lysol cleaner on sale so I filled the crock with this. 

I swish the toilet bowl every morning keeping it smelling fresh and clean.


The two containers are easy to remove when guests come for a visit.  The Ball jar comes with a top to seal the cleaner when needed.  So, there you have it.  My new habit.  I am sticking with this one and even going to train the rest of the family to help me along in this endeavor. 

Thank you for reading today.  Be Blessed and Be Whole in Christ Alone!

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.

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  1. That is something I need to do. My boys leave such a stinky mess and while they try to clean when I tell them this will certainly make it less Yuck and maybe they will do better with it!


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