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Andi's Scary School Days



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Sweet, Andrea 'Andi' Carter, a 6 year old ranch girl in 1870's California is about to begin one of life's greatest adventures, school.  It's her first day of school in Fresno and she is not happy about it.  And things go just about like she thought they would that first day, terrible!

School is Scary!

Andi is a tomboy who loves her horse Taffi and pony Coco.  She is happiest doing nothing more than spend her days riding and playing on her family's ranch.    A bit of a complainer and rebel against the rules Andi pushes the boundaries trying to find her way in this great big world.  She soon finds out that following the rules is very hard.  But, even if she doesn't like it she learns it is the best way to have a good day.

I was pleased to see the characters were not perfectly behaved.  They were real in their responses to one another, especially, challenging little Andi.  She was a real child, with real responses to situations that did not please her and she had to learn how things really work, most of the time not her way.  Andi is like most children, in need of lots of guiding to find peace with different situations we all eventually must face. 

Andi's Scary School Days
by Susan K. Marlow
From the Circle C Beginnings Seriesandiandtaffy.com

Andi's Scary School day, written for children ages 6-8, was 70 pages and 10 chapters long followed by a short 'history' chapter called "What was school like in 1874".  In this last chapter you catch a glimpse of what is was like to be a student in Andi's day.  The author also shares a little about how children were disciplined in school when they broke the rules. 

calling each other bad names     3 swats
telling lies                                    7 swats and so on.

4 Books in the series so far and two more to come, Pricing:
1 book - $4.99 plus $2 s/h
2 books - $9.98 plus 2 s/h
All 4 books - $15.96 plus 2 s/h

When you visit Andi's site directly at andiandtaffi.com, you will find more information about the other books in the series as well as coloring pages found here, online puzzles found here, free activity packs found here a wonderful resource to enhance the enjoyment of this fun little book - vocabulary, maze, even a map of Andi's school room], and you can purchase lapbooking lessons to take your child's learning even one step further [ pricing on lapbooks is $12.00 OR the Book and Lapbook for $15.00 plus $3 s/h].   

I think the only thing that was a little disappointing was that the author, Ms. Marlow, is a homeschooling mom and took the perspective of a child going off to school instead of schooling at home.  I also would have rather Andi's mother be the one to have taught her obedience instead of her going off into the world to learn 'proper' behavior.  Otherwise, I would, recommend this story as a fun and simple reader for 6-8 year olds or read-aloud for youngers. 

You can find all of the Circle C Beginnings Series at Kregel Publications here  OR they can be found at Christianbooks.com, here.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you today on more fun books to enhance your child's reading adventures. 

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