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Latin's Not So Tough!




and today we are discovering the world of an ancient language


sound as is 'aye'

Approximately 9 months ago Eagle Eye began his first study of Latin.  We were given Greek n' Stuff's Latin's Not So Tough Level 3 to use. We began by thinking maybe it was going to be a bit of challenge.  He and I both had never had any kind of exposure to Latin but he was excited to try something new. 

We began with Level Three of LNT.  Now you might be thinking, "if you have never had any Latin before why would you begin at Level 3?"  Good question.  Well, after diving into the curriculum and the Frequently Asked Questions at Greek n' Stuff's website found HERE, we quickly discovered that it was not Level 3 of difficulty, but Level 3 age appropriate. 

Level 1 - Elementary age children
Level 2 - mid-Elementary age children
Level 3 - Older students - middle school +

farmer or agriculture

The lessons progressed daily, instead of lessons progressing weekly.  The text was clear and visibly pleasing to the eye as well as so easy to read and comprehend.  I have loved this, because they also have a carbon copy of the text with answers in the Teachers Guide.  My son learned new words daily and made flash cards of those new words as he did each lesson.  At the end of his lesson there was a check box for him to remember "I practice my flashcards today". His daily work consisted of  ...

  • Alphabet and Vocabulary Review
  • Read and write simple Latin sentences
  • Matching, fill-in-the blank, fun activities, puzzles

“Our teaching methodology incorporates a gradual, yet consistent, exposure to Greek or Latin. Each year, after reviewing previous concepts and vocabulary, the student then expands his/her knowledge of the Greek or Latin language (in much the same way that English grammar is commonly learned).”
Fun, easy lessons, with the Level 3 work book consisting of 170 pages, 36 Lessons gradually instructing Eagle Eye in Latin letters and then word pronunciation  and vocabulary and eventually parts of speech and sentences using the accompanying CD that has someone pronouncing the letters and words correctly [So thankful for this!]  There would be no clear way to, in words, explain how to pronounce these words with hearing them spoken.  The CD is a valuable addition to this workbook.  We would not have been able to do these lessons effectively with out it.       

"The student concentrates on the alphabet, diphthongs, and special consonant sounds in the first level. Besides pronunciation of Latin letters and combinations of letters, the workbook teaches the ordering of the alphabet, which is important for future dictionary work. Knowledge of the diphthongs, also taught in the first level, provides the foundation for future understanding of long and short syllables and accents. "
Meroiam narro populi.
means:  I tell the memory of the people.

Latin Level 3 Workbook are available for $21.95
'Full Text' Answer Keys are available for $21.95 [seems silly to pay so much but I truly feel it is worth the money as this made the teaching that much easier while I was helping Eagle Eye with any questions he have had.]
'Answer's Only'  Answer Keys are available for $4.00
Pronunciation CD for Levels 1-3 are available for $10.00

I praise

If you are like us and have never had any exposure to Latin I would highly recommend you using Latin's Not So Tough to open the door to a new world of an ancient language.  You will be blessed at the simplicity GNS has created with this wonderful curriculum. 


You can check out sample pages HERE to see just how easy this program is to use and how much your student will learn.  You can download Greek N' Stuff's catalog HERE for more information about their Greek and Bible Study curriculum's available as well.  To find more reviews and information about all of the Greek N' Stuff's curriculum's you can check our other Crew Members reviews HERE.

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.


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