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Z-Guide to the movies

Zeezok publishing has taken classic movies and turned them in to fun learning experiences. 

From movies like

U. S. Government and Judicial Procedures

British History

Medieval Europe

American Revolution

World War II South Pacific

 & many many more.

The idea is to be able to watch a good movie while weaving entertainment and educational elements as you really get to know the film and it's themes and characters. 

We LOVE movies!  Our choice was one of our favorites "Father Goose", with Cary Grant and Leslie Caron.  You just can't go wrong with Cary.  This film guide incorporated Social Studies, World War II in the Pacific, Interpersonal relationships, and honesty into educational form. 

The cover page of the "Father Goose" Z-Guide states that it is for High School aged children.  All of our children have seen this film before.  While were are watching the film we explain to our children when there were things that are improper  i.e. Cary Grants character is a heavy drinker in the beginning.  We were sure to, throughout, inform them that what he was doing was wrong. 

The Z-Guide had 5 days of activities, 10 activities in all [2 per day] for us to complete.  Before we watched the movie we began with the Topic Overview and the Movie Synopsis.  The Topic Overview brought us a brief lesson in history to give us an idea of where we are in the film and what is going on in the world. 

"While watching the film the first time through, students answer the movie review questions.  This assignment forces the viewer to become an active learner rather than a passive observer." -ZeeZok Publishing

We watched the movie the first time through without answering the questions on paper.  My children were sick at the time with the flu so we decided to watch the movie and then answer the questions allowed.  We had a blast having a Trivial Pursuit.  We were all laughing by the time we had completed the questions together.  This movie is so fun and funny they were at ease with our game.  Also, since they were sick, we spaced the lessons out to 10 different lessons so that they could achieve the lessons while recovering.

The other activities were fun as well.  One activity we are asked "A Coastwatchers Necessities List".  They had to come up with a list of provisions for survival for a six month period or longer.  This really got their creative juices flowing.  They were putting themselves into Mr. Eckland's shoes.  Some suggestions were practical and some were silly.

My children were provided a word search game, character matching, and a fun message encoding system you create on your own then use those codes.  What boy doesn't love using codes?

Zeezok even provided information with questions to cause you to look deeper into the characters and what problems may arise from their personalities in their relationships with one another.  They learn more about brochures, themes, comic relief, irony and foreshadowing.  

"Certain activities require the student to use outside resources (library, internet, etc.) to learn more about the topic.  Several of the guides contain related memorization selections, combined with a public performance option, to develop the student's mental powers and public speaking abilities." -ZeeZok Publishing

To end the lessons, before completing Lesson 10 you are asked to watch the movie again then answer the last sequence of questions.  Once you watch the movie again you now see what you missed in the beginning.  For fun they have included 'Bonus' items.  The coloring pages are great for younger children participating.  They had cool World War II Japanese Aircraft and Warships for them to see in detail.  

Included in our guide is an Answer Key, Optional Field Trip information and Additional Resources for Further Study. 

The Z-Guide to the movies are great for our family.  What a wonderful way to enjoy movies and get educational value out of looking deeper into the subject matter and the 'character' of the characters.  We had a great time with this review and plan to do more Z-Guides in the future. 

You can find Zeezoks Z-Guide to the movies  on CD for "Father Goose" and more at Zeezok.com Z-Guide to the movies.  At $12.99 for each reprintable CD you have the ability to print as many question pages as you need for each child.  You can even purchase the movies at Zeezok at a reasonable $15.99-$29.98, depending on the movie. 

Other products in the growing catalog of ZeeZok includes American Government, Character Building, Curriculums, Great Musicians Series Lapbooks, Literature, and Presidential Penmanship.

"You'll find something for practically every area of history in ZeeZok Publishing's initial offering of our movie guides.  The Z-Guide makes the silver screen your ally in the process of training the next generation." -ZeeZok Publishing

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.


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