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Go Go Kabongo



And we are venturing into the Online World of Brain-Boosting Games for Reading!

"Not just another learning game, Kabongo's unique approach combines casual digital gameplay with the latest research in contemporary cognitive-neuropsychology.  It is designed and tested by learning experts to cultivate the thinking and problem solving skills that underlie reading."

"Designed especially for kids ages 4-7, GoGo Kabongo presents three fun-filled habitats: 

Laughter Lake

Galaxy Gardens

Twister Top

Here children can play challenging learning games, solve mini-missions, and discover lots of other hidden surprises.  Along the way, children will meet a host of friendly characters who are always there to help and share a laugh...

Critical thinking skills children learn and practice...
-focus and attention
-letter and pattern recognition
-listening comprehension
-phonics and phonetic awareness"

The first task my daughter was given to complete was making her own avatar which is a fun space creature made just the way she wanted it.  When she plays the games her avatar is what shows up on the screen to 'play' in the game.  When she grew tired of her avatar she simply went to the 'Tree House' and into the Avatar maker to update her character. 

My Princess Girl really enjoyed this fun, colorful, and uplifting 'Brain-Booster'.  The fun charaters that say funny things directing her where to go and what to do; the uplifting music made this program such a delight for her to enjoy all throughout the day.  The voices are fun and not droning computer voices. 

The games are good as pre-reading skill building.  Games such as

Critter Sizer
[Attention & Focus]
Where your child classifies small and large animals

[Alphabet Knowledge]
[Successive Progressing]
[Verbal Rehearsal]
A fun letter recognition game

[Simulateous Processing]
A fun game where the child is shown a door with different shapes.  They are given seconds to see the door and then all of the shapes disappear.  She then 'redecorates' the door from memory.  Once complete one of the fun space creations pops up in surprise bringing smiles and giggles.

Once your child completes each 'mission' they are given rewards such as stickers for the comic book maker and skate park ramps to build your own person skateboard ramp. 

In the Parent's Center you have access to each child's personal progress.  Each habitat is listed separately with your child's progress in each game.  There are also featured articles, activities to increase reading readiness, fun printable coloring pages of the fun Galaxy charaters, and connecting to Kabongo Blogs.  You can also purchase the other two habitat's.

Laughter Lake is available online PLAY FOR FREE!.  Right now if you sign up you can get Galaxy Garden for FREE also.  Twister Top, the last habitat $4.95 -  no subscription fees ever! 

We would recommend GoGo Kabongo for any pre-school age to beginning elementary aged children who need some fun to boost their reading  skills.  The simple delight and ease of use has made learning fun for my 5 year old.  It didn't really seem like school for her because it was a fun game to play. Enjoy!

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B

As part of the TOS Review Crew, I was given this subscription free of charge for review purposes only.  This review is my personal opinion. I will not receive any further compensation.


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