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Latin's Not So Tough!




and today we are discovering the world of an ancient language


sound as is 'aye'

Approximately 9 months ago Eagle Eye began his first study of Latin.  We were given Greek n' Stuff's Latin's Not So Tough Level 3 to use. We began by thinking maybe it was going to be a bit of challenge.  He and I both had never had any kind of exposure to Latin but he was excited to try something new. 

We began with Level Three of LNT.  Now you might be thinking, "if you have never had any Latin before why would you begin at Level 3?"  Good question.  Well, after diving into the curriculum and the Frequently Asked Questions at Greek n' Stuff's website found HERE, we quickly discovered that it was not Level 3 of difficulty, but Level 3 age appropriate. 

Level 1 - Elementary age children
Level 2 - mid-Elementary age children
Level 3 - Older students - middle school +

farmer or agriculture

The lessons progressed daily, instead of lessons progressing weekly.  The text was clear and visibly pleasing to the eye as well as so easy to read and comprehend.  I have loved this, because they also have a carbon copy of the text with answers in the Teachers Guide.  My son learned new words daily and made flash cards of those new words as he did each lesson.  At the end of his lesson there was a check box for him to remember "I practice my flashcards today". His daily work consisted of  ...

  • Alphabet and Vocabulary Review
  • Read and write simple Latin sentences
  • Matching, fill-in-the blank, fun activities, puzzles

“Our teaching methodology incorporates a gradual, yet consistent, exposure to Greek or Latin. Each year, after reviewing previous concepts and vocabulary, the student then expands his/her knowledge of the Greek or Latin language (in much the same way that English grammar is commonly learned).”
Fun, easy lessons, with the Level 3 work book consisting of 170 pages, 36 Lessons gradually instructing Eagle Eye in Latin letters and then word pronunciation  and vocabulary and eventually parts of speech and sentences using the accompanying CD that has someone pronouncing the letters and words correctly [So thankful for this!]  There would be no clear way to, in words, explain how to pronounce these words with hearing them spoken.  The CD is a valuable addition to this workbook.  We would not have been able to do these lessons effectively with out it.       

"The student concentrates on the alphabet, diphthongs, and special consonant sounds in the first level. Besides pronunciation of Latin letters and combinations of letters, the workbook teaches the ordering of the alphabet, which is important for future dictionary work. Knowledge of the diphthongs, also taught in the first level, provides the foundation for future understanding of long and short syllables and accents. "
Meroiam narro populi.
means:  I tell the memory of the people.

Latin Level 3 Workbook are available for $21.95
'Full Text' Answer Keys are available for $21.95 [seems silly to pay so much but I truly feel it is worth the money as this made the teaching that much easier while I was helping Eagle Eye with any questions he have had.]
'Answer's Only'  Answer Keys are available for $4.00
Pronunciation CD for Levels 1-3 are available for $10.00

I praise

If you are like us and have never had any exposure to Latin I would highly recommend you using Latin's Not So Tough to open the door to a new world of an ancient language.  You will be blessed at the simplicity GNS has created with this wonderful curriculum. 


You can check out sample pages HERE to see just how easy this program is to use and how much your student will learn.  You can download Greek N' Stuff's catalog HERE for more information about their Greek and Bible Study curriculum's available as well.  To find more reviews and information about all of the Greek N' Stuff's curriculum's you can check our other Crew Members reviews HERE.

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.

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Sunday's Sense and Sensibility


What a wonderful Resurrection Weekend we had.  I will share a little more about that later but for now...

Yes,I am still here. 

I have not abandoned my post. 
I know haven't blogged much of late. 

Life has been, well, interesting to say the least in the last 4-6 weeks.  The Lord has been taking me on a journey of coming to the end of myself and calling me to rely on Him even more completely.  I won't go into to details, but know this, there is HOPE in Christ and Christ Alone.  The pressures of this world and those in it are NOT the lord of your life.  Jesus is Lord!   

We are Titus 2 Women! We are called to the Greatest calling in the world.  Wife and Mother!  There is no other profession IN the world that affects the world so greatly for the King.  We are admonished to love our husbands, to love our children,  to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, keepers of our homes, good, obedient to our own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.  We do not answer to others expectations of us.  We fall under our husbands authority as we seek to learn deeper obedience to The Lord.  Oh the peace that brings to a woman.  We fall under the umbrella of safety because we have chosen to follow God's will and not our own and not the people of this world. 

I have discovered more of who I am and who I am not. 

I have discovered that boundaries are EXTREMELY important.  Seek God.  Have Him tell you where He wants you.  God is our shelter, our covering, our refuge.  Trust in Him, Rely on Him, Lean on Him and he will save you from the torments of the enemy who would steal, kill and destroy that which is of God in your life.  Be blessed and be whole sweet wife and mother.  And remember who is Lord of your life.  The One and Only, Jesus Christ!
From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.

You are a hiding place for me; You, Lord, preserve me from trouble, You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! -Psalm 32:7
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Growing Healthy Homes

Deuteronomy 30:19

"I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life, that you and your descendants may live..."


Review Day!


Today I am so grateful to share a wonderful book on a subject that is near and dear to my heart...




The moment I received the wonderful opportunity to review this "Bible" of Nutrition I knew I was going to Love It!  and I DO!  The title alone drew me in, showing me how vital this information/study was going to be for me and my family.  Choose Life!  Enough said. 

Nutrition 101: Choose Life! A Family Nutrition and Health Program is an in-depth study of the body and the affects of nutrition and the world around us. 

Divided into 6 Units of Organs and their operating systems
1- The Brain and Nervouse System
2- Digestion and Elimination
3- Respiration and Olfactory
4- Muscular and Skeletal Systems
5- Cardiovascular and Immune Systems
6- Endocrine System and Emotions

Each unit discusses a different aspect of the system:

How they work together.
How the outside environment and poor nutritional choices can cause disharmony in that system.
How good nutrition boosts our bodies to health and healing, fighting against environment and emotions that would seek to destroy the harmony in our Brains or Digestive System, etc. 

The wealth of information, colorful Charts, symptoms, histories of diseases, importance of different foods for different systems of our bodies, will be amaze you. These ladies have done extensive research in providing you with everything you need to know about Nutrition and Health.  Filled with 'Fun Facts' such as "On May 21, 1922, James Havens became the first American to receive insulin successfully."  and 'Word Power' introducing new words and their meanings, and Discussion Questions and Activities galore.  Your children are going to be wise in how to make healthy choices for their Whole body.

Following each chapter is a 'System Boosting' recipes for you to enjoy.  We have not had time to enjoy them all.  There are even some that even I as a mother am not sure about but I am going to be brave try them just for 'study' sake.  i.e. Endocrine System Power Brussel Sprouts with Lemon Pepper Dressing.  The one that was amazing to me was the Immune System Power Almond Butter Chip Bars with Blue Agave Nector.  A cookie, that boosts your immune system?  Love It!!!  And Delish!  The recipes are a great reward for your children to make with you at the end of the lessons they are learning.  They bring the lessons to life and give them the satisfaction of creating healthy choices.

I highly recommend this Program.  Your children will understand why you want them to make healthy choices in their lives and maybe won't want to fight you the next time you tell them to eat their fruits and veggies.  This book is a true nutritional blessing and so easy to understand. 

Growing Healthy Homes is a family-owned and operated publishing company that was founded in November 2007 by a mom (Karen), her oldest daughter (Sera) and her daughter-in-law (Laura).  We are wives, mothers, teachers, researchers and speakers.

To complete your journey of health they offer an extensive appendices covering:

Vitamin Chart - Food sources and your Body's uses
Mineral Chart - Food sources and your Body's uses
Fats and Omega Essentaial Fatty Acids
Baking with 100% Whole Grains...and more.

I am blessed to offer my readers a 15% discount coupon
using the code TOScrew11.
This is the same discount you would receive at a homeschool fair.

Growing Healthy Homes offers Nutrition 101: Choose Life! in three formats:

1- e-product (CD-ROM) $79.95
2- A full-color, professionally printed hard copy $99.95
3- A combination of the two. The CD-ROM and book contain the same information, so the value of having both is the flexibility to use the e-product to reprint individual copies of the recipes, shopping lists, charts and any other relevant pages and still have a bound book to enjoy. $129.95

"Because the curriculum is designed for both elementary and secondary students, we expect our customers to use it for multiple years ... and then with their grandchildren."

If you act now you can join in a free Webinar April 21-22 from 4 to 5:30 EDT. 
Just go HERE to sign up NOW!

Visit the Homeschool Crew Review Blog and find more wonderful reviews of this product.  You can also find a sample down there.  Visit The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew.

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

III John 2
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Go Go Kabongo



And we are venturing into the Online World of Brain-Boosting Games for Reading!

"Not just another learning game, Kabongo's unique approach combines casual digital gameplay with the latest research in contemporary cognitive-neuropsychology.  It is designed and tested by learning experts to cultivate the thinking and problem solving skills that underlie reading."

"Designed especially for kids ages 4-7, GoGo Kabongo presents three fun-filled habitats: 

Laughter Lake

Galaxy Gardens

Twister Top

Here children can play challenging learning games, solve mini-missions, and discover lots of other hidden surprises.  Along the way, children will meet a host of friendly characters who are always there to help and share a laugh...

Critical thinking skills children learn and practice...
-focus and attention
-letter and pattern recognition
-listening comprehension
-phonics and phonetic awareness"

The first task my daughter was given to complete was making her own avatar which is a fun space creature made just the way she wanted it.  When she plays the games her avatar is what shows up on the screen to 'play' in the game.  When she grew tired of her avatar she simply went to the 'Tree House' and into the Avatar maker to update her character. 

My Princess Girl really enjoyed this fun, colorful, and uplifting 'Brain-Booster'.  The fun charaters that say funny things directing her where to go and what to do; the uplifting music made this program such a delight for her to enjoy all throughout the day.  The voices are fun and not droning computer voices. 

The games are good as pre-reading skill building.  Games such as

Critter Sizer
[Attention & Focus]
Where your child classifies small and large animals

[Alphabet Knowledge]
[Successive Progressing]
[Verbal Rehearsal]
A fun letter recognition game

[Simulateous Processing]
A fun game where the child is shown a door with different shapes.  They are given seconds to see the door and then all of the shapes disappear.  She then 'redecorates' the door from memory.  Once complete one of the fun space creations pops up in surprise bringing smiles and giggles.

Once your child completes each 'mission' they are given rewards such as stickers for the comic book maker and skate park ramps to build your own person skateboard ramp. 

In the Parent's Center you have access to each child's personal progress.  Each habitat is listed separately with your child's progress in each game.  There are also featured articles, activities to increase reading readiness, fun printable coloring pages of the fun Galaxy charaters, and connecting to Kabongo Blogs.  You can also purchase the other two habitat's.

Laughter Lake is available online PLAY FOR FREE!.  Right now if you sign up you can get Galaxy Garden for FREE also.  Twister Top, the last habitat $4.95 -  no subscription fees ever! 

We would recommend GoGo Kabongo for any pre-school age to beginning elementary aged children who need some fun to boost their reading  skills.  The simple delight and ease of use has made learning fun for my 5 year old.  It didn't really seem like school for her because it was a fun game to play. Enjoy!

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B

As part of the TOS Review Crew, I was given this subscription free of charge for review purposes only.  This review is my personal opinion. I will not receive any further compensation.

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I Am Who I Am By the Grace of God

Hi my name is Mindy and I am a recovering Perfectionist  as well as a recovering People-Pleaser. 

I had an epiphany last night while struggling to sleep through the caffeine coursing through my body. [I don't do well with caffeinated drinks] 

I battled. 

I waged war. 

I was Jacob wrestling God for the Blessing. 

God won and I received my blessing.

I am 40 soon to be 41 and due to certain events in my life recently I have waged battle with the enemy of my soul and found who I am and who I am not.  Simply put, my life as a people-pleaser is no longer.  For so many years, growing up, as a woman in ministry and a mom, my greatest goal was to please others.  I worried, fretted, leaned on my own understanding and my reward was sorrow, grief and feelings of being completely manipulated, never good enough, simply because I only wanted to do what was right in eyes of others. 

Light bulb? [name that children's movie].  I am not doing it anymore.  It was destroying me and my health.  I truly ended up in the emergency room and hospital once  because of the anxiety I was experiencing over a circumstance of expectation from another individual.  My husband instructed me not to do what this person was telling me I needed to do. I obeyed him, with struggle in my emotions.  I wanted to do it all by being super woman.  Everyone's savior.  Fortunately, someone already fulfilled that position and it is was not me.

I am who I am be the Grace of God.  I am not capable of succumbing to undue pressure to perform miracles for others.  My life is no longer an endless cycle of ensuring everyone is pleased with me.  I am free to be me because that is all I know to do. 

I am no longer capable of working to please everyone.

I am only capable of being ME.

I am only capable of doing what God has equipped ... anointed me to do ... not what others think I should do.

I am a wife who is subject to her beloved husband as a service to my Lord. [Ephesians 5:22]  He is the spiritual head of our home and therefore we fall under his authority.  My husband and I left our mother's and father's, united, cleaved to one another and become one.  [Genesis 2:24]

I have a full-time job as a stay at home mother and homeschool teacher to 12, 9 and 5 year old children who need me to be there for them at this critical moment in their teen, preteen and delicate preschool age.  I am the keeper of my home and my children.  I am training up 'arrows' for God's purpose and pleasure.

I am where God has called me to be.  This is my season.  I love the saying "The safest place to be is the will of God."  I can honestly say I am dwelling in safety in the Secret Place of the Most High fulfilling His calling on My life because I am in the will of God not the will of others.

I am nothing more than myself.  That is all God created me to be.  I will never be anything other than Me.  If others find it upsetting that I don't pledge my blind loyalty to them, well,  I pray they won't stay disappointed too long.  I am moving on, getting on with my life, living my life to the Glory of God serving my husband and my family in my home, and those I love, the best way God has equipped to me to do so.  My calling is from the One and Only. 

I am Mindy.  I am who I am by the Grace of my God.


There is no more demanding work in all the world,
no more awe-inspiring job description than raising godly seed.
It will challenge all the genius, talent and grace
that any human being could possess…
It is the highest calling any woman can enter.

-Walter J. Chantry

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ZeeZok Z-Guide to the movies



and today we are headed to the...



Newest Products
Z-Guide to the movies

Zeezok publishing has taken classic movies and turned them in to fun learning experiences. 

From movies like

U. S. Government and Judicial Procedures

British History

Medieval Europe

American Revolution

World War II South Pacific

 & many many more.

The idea is to be able to watch a good movie while weaving entertainment and educational elements as you really get to know the film and it's themes and characters. 

We LOVE movies!  Our choice was one of our favorites "Father Goose", with Cary Grant and Leslie Caron.  You just can't go wrong with Cary.  This film guide incorporated Social Studies, World War II in the Pacific, Interpersonal relationships, and honesty into educational form. 

The cover page of the "Father Goose" Z-Guide states that it is for High School aged children.  All of our children have seen this film before.  While were are watching the film we explain to our children when there were things that are improper  i.e. Cary Grants character is a heavy drinker in the beginning.  We were sure to, throughout, inform them that what he was doing was wrong. 

The Z-Guide had 5 days of activities, 10 activities in all [2 per day] for us to complete.  Before we watched the movie we began with the Topic Overview and the Movie Synopsis.  The Topic Overview brought us a brief lesson in history to give us an idea of where we are in the film and what is going on in the world. 

"While watching the film the first time through, students answer the movie review questions.  This assignment forces the viewer to become an active learner rather than a passive observer." -ZeeZok Publishing

We watched the movie the first time through without answering the questions on paper.  My children were sick at the time with the flu so we decided to watch the movie and then answer the questions allowed.  We had a blast having a Trivial Pursuit.  We were all laughing by the time we had completed the questions together.  This movie is so fun and funny they were at ease with our game.  Also, since they were sick, we spaced the lessons out to 10 different lessons so that they could achieve the lessons while recovering.

The other activities were fun as well.  One activity we are asked "A Coastwatchers Necessities List".  They had to come up with a list of provisions for survival for a six month period or longer.  This really got their creative juices flowing.  They were putting themselves into Mr. Eckland's shoes.  Some suggestions were practical and some were silly.

My children were provided a word search game, character matching, and a fun message encoding system you create on your own then use those codes.  What boy doesn't love using codes?

Zeezok even provided information with questions to cause you to look deeper into the characters and what problems may arise from their personalities in their relationships with one another.  They learn more about brochures, themes, comic relief, irony and foreshadowing.  

"Certain activities require the student to use outside resources (library, internet, etc.) to learn more about the topic.  Several of the guides contain related memorization selections, combined with a public performance option, to develop the student's mental powers and public speaking abilities." -ZeeZok Publishing

To end the lessons, before completing Lesson 10 you are asked to watch the movie again then answer the last sequence of questions.  Once you watch the movie again you now see what you missed in the beginning.  For fun they have included 'Bonus' items.  The coloring pages are great for younger children participating.  They had cool World War II Japanese Aircraft and Warships for them to see in detail.  

Included in our guide is an Answer Key, Optional Field Trip information and Additional Resources for Further Study. 

The Z-Guide to the movies are great for our family.  What a wonderful way to enjoy movies and get educational value out of looking deeper into the subject matter and the 'character' of the characters.  We had a great time with this review and plan to do more Z-Guides in the future. 

You can find Zeezoks Z-Guide to the movies  on CD for "Father Goose" and more at Zeezok.com Z-Guide to the movies.  At $12.99 for each reprintable CD you have the ability to print as many question pages as you need for each child.  You can even purchase the movies at Zeezok at a reasonable $15.99-$29.98, depending on the movie. 

Other products in the growing catalog of ZeeZok includes American Government, Character Building, Curriculums, Great Musicians Series Lapbooks, Literature, and Presidential Penmanship.

"You'll find something for practically every area of history in ZeeZok Publishing's initial offering of our movie guides.  The Z-Guide makes the silver screen your ally in the process of training the next generation." -ZeeZok Publishing

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B.

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