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Today we are venturing into the world of computer learning

Helping kids become and stay A+ Students

Big IQ Kids, an online, interactive computer program created for elementary and middle school ages children (K-8).  My 12 year old and 9 year old son's and I were privileged to review the Big IQ Kids 1 Year Premium program.  The plan we enjoyed include expanded SpellingInteractive Math, Interactive U.S. Geography, and Vocabulary.  These award winning programs are self-guided lessons that take 10 to 15 minutes for each subject. 

My children were able to easily navigate this site without any hindrances.  The computer 'tutors' verbally instruct students on what is coming up in the lesson and providing them information on each subject.  The tutors are probably the only thing that is a bit of a weakness in my eyes. The computerized voices of the 'tutors' are dry and a tad monotonous.  Otherwise, I would have no problem recommending this program to anyone. 

My son's are able to complete every lesson without any assistance from me.  It is just that simple!  Love it!  We enjoyed the U. S. States program the most.  The interaction with the map and the information is very interesting.  They click on a state and the 'tutor' gives information on the state with pop-up pictures accompanying.  Once the short lesson of the state is over they are asked one question.  They then have the option to go onto to another state for more Intro information or the next level quizzes.  12 Question Quiz, then State Spelling, then State Capitals, finally State Abbreviations. I found myself sitting with them just to find out what fun facts they were learning that day.  It's so interesting. 

We also used the Spelling and the Vocabulary on top of our other online spelling/vocab program just to enhance their learning.  I am all about them not choosing a video game or television over school.  So when you can make it fun, and Big IQ Kids does, they are going to want to learn.  The vocabulary program was great and would require a student be able to read well. 

The Math program was used once or twice a week for drills in reinforcement.  50 problems a day, students are timed as they complete each lesson.  Since there is no workbook to 'show their work' they are training themselves to use their mental math skills.  Challenging and Good for them.

Periodically Big I Q Kids sent me emails to inform me how my student is progressing or that my student did not complete one of the questions and how important it is for them to finish every lesson. 

For every lesson the student completes they are given 'rewards' of coins to use initially to create an avatar person that represents themselves.  Then they use the coins to play a multitude of fun, some educational games.  My boys LOVED this aspect.  They are video game lovers and really felt that it was worth learning to get to the rewards.  Thankfully, the games were not dumbed down or kiddie games.  They were actually cool, keeping my sons interested. 

I, mom and teacher, love that I am able to modify their lessons to fit our current rate of study with just a click of a button.  Each child is set up with his/her own account.  They have a log-in every time they enter the site. 

My Soaring Eagle (12)::: "I like how the more you learn the more you get to play.  I also, like that interactive map."

My Tender Heart (9):::  "I like the State and games."

So there you have it!  We like it!  And we will continue using these wonderful interactive programs. 

The blessing of this site is that as you get started it is FREE!  You are able to utilize these programs to really test whether it would be a good fit for your homeschool program.  Once you discover that Big IQ is what you are looking for they offer several different bundled Premium Plans and individual subject plans.  Be sure to take a look at their pricing plans HERE monthly ranging from $7.99 - $19.99 or 1 year plans from $39.99 to $99.99. 

To discover why you would want to choose the Free learning experience and the Premium Plans check out this informational video:::

My boys really enjoyed this program.  We think you would too!  So, Check it out for yourself:::

From My Heart to Yours,
Mindy B

I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.  I have given my personal, honest assessment of this product.


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