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  1. Love this post! Neat the way you shared! Stopping by with the blog walk. Blessings!

  2. Thank you! I had no idea I was on the Blog walk this week. Yippee!

  3. Is she 3 and able to spell all those words? I really need to get busy. My 3 year old is almost 4 and can only write her name =) I'm impressed!

  4. Marie she is 5 and loves to write whatever pops into her head or when she sees a word she wants to write it. It must just be in her make-up because I don't ask her to do it. But, I wish I had thought of this approach with my boys. The cards are from the Game Boggle Jr. She took post it notes and copied every word and posted the notes on each card. When we were doing a project the other day and the boys were typing on the computer she immediately jumped on and was calling across the room 'how do you spell....'. I spelled a 2 sentence letter for her to print for her Gran. Too sweet. A great way to start getting those words in her brain...seeing, hearing, writing.

  5. I agree, that is a great way to get her on the path to reading and writing success. I have an 8yo who is dyslexic so I spend alot of time working with him and not enough time with my other kids. I would really like to get to work with my 3 and 5 yo's but at the same time I don't want them to learn to read before their older brother. My daughter loves to write (doodle). She has numerous pads that she carries around and everyday she spends time writing in those. I'm really praying she'll learn easily because I don't think her 5 yo brother is going to. :-( Sounds like she's alot like your little girl.

  6. Agreed! Isn't it something how different our boys are from our girls. My middle boy is struggling with reading a bit. I am thankful that I can homeschool and spend the time necessary when the time calls for it to help them, one on one. You are a great mom I am sure and your 3 and 5 year old will learn in God's perfect timing with your help. HE always makes a way, opening doors for them to learn in their natural flow.


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