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"To many people Christ is merely a historical fact, rather than a living, personal reality. We know that Christ lived, and we know much about what He did; however, even we as Christians seldom experience His presence as we should.

The purpose of The Life of Christ from the Gospel of John is to make Jesus Christ real to your students. Our hope as you journey through this material is that your students will not only know Jesus more, but also love Him more." -Positive Action for Christ

Simply put, this is a beautifully presented, thorough study on the Life of Christ through the eyes of John.  I was immediately 'drawn-in' by the aesthetic presentation of this Bible study. 

The weathered 'leather-look' exterior and 'linen-like' pages within, gives this book immediate appeal.  

The photos are brilliant with color and...

the drawings are beautifully illustrated.

Once you have taken time to browse the text, then it's time to dig into the meat of the study.  For years we have used Sonlight's Bible curriculum.  For the most part we have enjoyed their selections.  But, something was missing from what we wanted for our children, especially, Eagle 1 now that he is becoming a teenager.  We desired something more in-depth, that would cause him to really think, 'wonder' at what he was reading, no just read it.

won·der [ wúndər ]

amazed admiration: amazed admiration or awe, especially at something very beautiful or new

something marvelous: a miracle or other cause of intense admiration or awe

extraordinarily good: exciting admiration or amazement by virtue of being outstandingly good, effective, or unusual

The answer to our hearts prayer was "THE LIFE OF CHRIST: FROM THE GOSPEL OF JOHN" from Positive Action for Christ (positiveaction.org).  Eagle 1 does not just read the scripture and move on.  He is provoked by the study to challenge his own thinking of, "What do I really know about Christ?"  He is mentally and visually taken back in time to where Jesus tread.  He is given a broader view of what Christ and/or the people may have been thinking, doing or how and where they were living.

To add to the beauty of this study, I was given a Teacher's Manual full of even more information to challenge my son's thoughts even further.  They give you options of when to study (i.e. 3 Day, 4 Day, and 5 Day option) during the school week.  I chose to break down each lesson based on the sections presented in each chapter, ending with "Notes from the Teacher's Lesson" and finally the Unit Test on the last day of the week.  Some weeks are 5 days long, most are 4 days.

The Teacher's Manual consists of extra reading suggestions, Lesson objectives, and the Teacher's Notes Lessons to do with your student.  They have included miniaturized versions of the student's text with the answers filled in each question.  The disk provided allows you to print off overhead projector print-outs.  I used these in the beginning to visually draw Eagle 1's attention to the main points of the lesson. 

I can not recommend Positive Action for Christ's "THE LIFE OF CHRIST" enough.  They have done a beautiful job of building a curriculum for Middle School and High School students.  If you are wanting to open doors and challenge your student's faith even further, this is the study for your family.  For a group or single child, the study brings Christ to Life.

Maps in the back of the Student's Manual

You can find this product and more at Positive Action for Christ
Pricing as follows:
Student's Manual (deluxe edition) · (ssk1300) $17.95

*Student Manuals for $15.95 if you purchase 5 or more Chartered ProTeen Clubs receive a 15% Discount

Student's Manual (Outline Edition) · (ssk1301) $8.95

Teacher's Manual · (ssk1310) $41.95

Teacher's Manual on DVD · (ssk1311) $29.95

Deluxe Presentation DVD · (ssk1312) $79.95

Overhead Transparencies · (ss1320) $99.95

There is also a 'Download' option to immediately download a sample of the Student and Teacher's Manuals for free.

Positive Action for Christ also offers Bible curriculum for K-12 (Elementary, Middle School, High School and more) as well as Church curriculum's. 


From My Heart to Yours,

DISCLAIMER:  This product was given to me free of charge for review purposes only as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew.  The opinions expressed are strictly mine.


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