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The Master Fractions


Review Day

Today we are learning about fractions with

The Master Fractions 2,3,5

"An outgrowth of a teacher's prayer.  Frustrated because the lines on standard rulers confused her students, and unable to find anything suitable on the market, she prayed and asked The Lord for help.  In a dream she saw the math tool, "The Master Ruler", which is now being used by people everywhere."

The two key components in the learning tools we were given to review were the workbook and transparent overlays.  

$15.95 at The Master Ruler

 "Mastering The World of Fractions with the Master Fractions" workbook brings this often hard to comprehend concept to life, by using practical, real-world lessons to help your student easily understand.

The Master Fraction set of 3 consists of the following:

•The Master Fraction (2) , divides geometric shapes into halves, quarters,eighths, and sixteenths.
•The Master Fraction (3), clearly illustrates thirds, sixths, and twelfths.
•The Master Fraction (5), also dividing geometric shapes, clearly illustrates fifths, tenths, and twentieths.

Fraction, Decimal, Percent, Equivalents are printed on the back of each of the three units.

The Master Fraction (2/3/5), with their transparent overlays make fractions easy to see and understand. Students of all ages quickly grasp the concepts of equivalency, reducing, improper, proper, adding, subtracting common and uncommon denominators, mixed numbers, and more! The geometric shapes, bright colors, and "easy turn" overlays make this a favorite of teachers and students alike.

After using the Master Fraction set, students will have a further comprehension of:

•Equivalent Fractions
•Common / Uncommon Denominators •Adding / Subtraction
•Proper / Improper
•Mixed Numbers
•Decimal / Percent Equivalents
$17.95 at The Master Ruler

Product Description

To enhance their understanding, students are given the transparent overlays to See the word problems become real.  I love these. They are sturdy, easy to use and a great visual enhancement to each lesson.

Targeted for Grades 1-5 these lessons can be translated into everyday situations in the home, at the grocery store, while sharing your favorite cookies with friends, and for any age.  They can be used with a more mature student who may be struggling with the basic concepts or just  need to review fractions looking at the problems from different perspectives.

For my student(s) this was a good refresher course with increasing instruction to help them gain a greater knowledge of fractions, mixed numbers, proper and improper, etc.  For us, as we use Teaching Textbook for our math curricula, when a fraction problem needed a little more instruction we were able to stop work through the problem with the overlays and get back on track because they were able to see what the problem was drawing out of them in real life.  A great supplement to any math curricula, I would recommend having this program to enhance your students learning.

The visual knowledge they obtain solidifies the imprinting of understanding in their memory to truly grasp fractions.

From My Heart to Yours,
I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.
Reviews are strictly my personal opinion of this product.


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