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Today is

We are diving into the Earth,
dissecting it's body, discovering it's natural responses,
and taking a glimpse of Space
exploring the depths of the gift of God's Creation. 

In the Beginning... Lesson 1, throughout all 24 lessons the Word of God is our guide, drawing my students into practical, easy to understand facts about the Earth, its structure and laws of nature.  Each lesson has just the right information to hold my students attention without boring them with an overload of facts and theories. 

  • Scripture memory verses for each lesson
  • Lists of vocabulary words given at the beginning of every unit, and each word defined in the sidebar of every lesson and the glossary
  • Detailed "Materials Needed for This Unit" as well as many reproducibles in the back of the text to use with multiple students
  • Maps and illustrations
  • Activities for elementary and more advanced students
  • Show What You Know Q & A
  • and more!

From BrightIdeasPress.com, Christian Kids Explore: Earth and Space is a wonderful combination of the Word of God, Scientific knowledge, and fun experiments that bring the lesson into my children's reality.  Ms. Redmond has made science interesting in an easy to follow format.  Presenting Scientific World views versus Biblical Word View, CKEES is full of information and instruction laid out clearly for the user to enjoy.  She even makes it personal by stating her own observations from the Bible and alongside the facts allowing the reader to ponder the many different theories presented. 

I have really enjoyed CKEES because I am not a Science type of girl.  The experiments of other science curriculum's tend to make me dread doing our science lessons.  CKEES has brought such detail in 'preparation' of each lesson I actually have enjoyed our lessons each time.  I would highly recommend this series to any mom and dad that finds peace in having someone create a lesson plan for you. 

Here is what my children had to say...

Eagle 1:  "[I enjoy this book] Because there is no evolutionary turn to it.  I like the hands on activities and drawings. The stories/facts are good too."

Rhino 2:  "I like the drawings and all of the activities."

Even Princess 3 wanted to join in on the fun. 
The coloring pages were a wonderful learning tool to keep her focused as we studied our lesson. 
She was so excited to be 'doing science'. 
Princess 3:  "The part where I got the piece of play-do, and put the stick (axis) in it.  We put the dot for where we were and put it in the sun and rotated it and it was dark [away from the sun].  I like that."

by Stephanie Redmond
CKEES breaks our universe into manageable bites, offering units about Earth and
 its structure, the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and weather, as well as a unit
 investigating the universe and its components. The 24 weekly lessons and six unit reviews
 present the material in an easy-to-teach manner. Students are encouraged to keep a science
 notebook as they learn. Hands-on activities include building a model of Earth and its layers,
 using eggs to understand plate tectonics, and simulating a volcanic eruption. Christian Kids
 Explore Earth and Space guides your journey as you dive into the wonder of our universe.
Paperback 313 pages
Grades 3 – 6

Christian Kids Explore Earth and Space Activity Book
download for $12.95
Note:  This is a wonderful option for our family because I will be using this for Princess 3 later when she is in elementary school.  The ease of having it on the computer to print helps to alleviate the time consumed when I have to stand and copy each page out of the book. 

This series includes:
CKE Physics
CKE Chemistry
CKE Biology

Other products available from BrightIdeasPress.com cover History, Literature, Geography and Fun and Games. 

From My Heart to Yours,

I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.
Reviews are strictly my personal opinion of this product.

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  1. Good point on not standing around wasting time during copying. Never thought of that good reason for appreciating an ebook.


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