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Yuck! Sticky, Saucy, Chunky, Snowy, YUCK!

Review Day
and today we are venturing into the

Science world of

pol·y·mer [ pólləmər ] : compound with repeating small molecules: a natural or synthetic compound that consists of large molecules made of many chemically bonded smaller identical molecules

pol·y  [pol-ee] :  “much, many”

mer :  "part" or "segment"


"Buckets-O-Fun has been around for about 4 years, providing fun and unique products for the event needs of churches, schools, corporations and many other groups.  We are excited to be going in a new direction with science projects for all ages.  We are teaming up with a veteran science teacher to bring affordable, easy to use projects for the classroom and at home."
-(Excerpt of letter from Sheri Elmont, President of Buckets-O-Fun)


We received samples of some really FUN Yucky Experiments.  This was right up our alley.  Messy, Sticky, Messy, and super Cool. 

Chunky Yuck (we received a 1 tablespoon sample)
Dry in the package the white polymers look like rock salt.Once water is added the clear polymers look like delicious crushed ice.  Suggested amounts of water were 8 cups we added one additional to see how it would react.  It just keeps growing. 
Bucket's suggestion: "It's great for wrestling and games where items are hidden in it...Use Yuck tints and add some color.  Allow 24 hours for best hydration." 

Princess 3:  I like the 'crunchy' (transliteration:  chunky)

Saucy Yuck (we received a 1 tablespoon sample)
This polymer begins as a white powder.  Once you add the water it swells immediately to a crumbly, snow like consistency.  After adding approximately  6 cups it looks just like white applesauce. 
Bucket's suggests:  "Try it on a Slip-n-Slide or put a pinch in a water balloon."

Snowy Yuck (we received a 1 tablespoon sample)
Dry, Snowy looks and feels like sugar.  Wet it slowly turns into a cool, wet, snowy consistency.  When squeezed it makes a sound like squishing bubbles in your hand.  Snowy has a sparkle like real frozen crystals.  It was the favorite of Eagle 1 and Princess 3.  Princess couldn't resist the feel.  She loves to cook so this just added to the imagination of play. 




Sticky Yuck (we received a 1 tablespoon sample)
Sticky is best described on the package as "Snot".  (Sorry Mom, I know.)  Fact is fact.  Dry, Sticky is white and has a fine grainy feel.  Once hydrated the consistency is immediately goo.  It takes only about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water.  Significantly less than the others.  After 2 to 3 hours "Sticky" is an understatement.  This was Rhino 1's favorite.  He couldn't stop playing with it. 

Rhino 2: My favorite's the 'goo', the sticky.It looks like you have webbed fingers. It's also cold and won't let go.


 Did I mention Messy?  It is necessary to inform you that this "Yuck" is everything it's name denotes.  The sticky was my (as a mom who had to do most of the cleaning) least favorite.  It was quite difficult getting it to release from the skin.  Not being able to rinse hands in the sink until MOST of the Yuck was removed made it even more of a challenge.  Yuck also requires some minor safety measures. You can find safety guidelines here.
Read, In Bold "Do Not let product go down drains.
As I said, this made cleaning up a tad difficult and we had to come up with some really creative ideas.  

All that said, it still had been a lot of  F U N!

Eagle 1 and Rhino 2 recorded their observations on home-made science journal pages. They recorded their Before, During and After inspections stating the color, texture, shape and smell.  They were amazed at the dramatic change from start to finish. 


Throughout our days worth of observations there were lots of 'ooo's' and 'aaah's' and 'look at this', 'look what this does'.  I 'instructed' them to take a break at one point and go outside and on the way out the 'Yuck' was too distracting and they stood playing in the goo even longer.

The product comes in three sizes:  1 pound, 5 pounds, and 50 pounds.  The one pound Yuck produces anywhere from 25 to 60 gallons of polymer, depending on which product you choose (i.e. Sticky, Chunky, Saucy, or Snowy).   The 1 pound bag runs $16 to $20 where as the 5 pound and 50 pound bags are much more pricey but great for large school or youth groups.  Ms. Elmont inlcuded in our review packet a great list of games to play with the Yuck.  I can see this providing hours of fun for a birthday party, Troop fun day, youth group or school Play-day event. 

Buckets-O-Fun really is FUN and educational.  You can find these and more at www.buckets-o-fun.com/3yucks.html.  They have even included You-Tube videos of the process.  There is Yuck Accessories, Inflatable Fun, and more outdoor activity Fun.  Check out Buckets-O-Fun

From My Heart to Yours,

I received this product free of charge for review purposes only.

Reviews are strictly my personal opinion of this product.

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  1. Great job Mindy. Putting how the children made observations was great as were the pictures.


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