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The Peleg Chronicles: Foundlings


Review Day!!!

Honor, Courage, Adventure, Strength in the midst of weakness,
The ultimate fight between Light and Darkness

"How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings,
that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation"
Isaiah 52:7

In August I was blessed by a man named Matthew Christian Harding who mailed me a signed copy of the book he penned called "The Chronicles of Peleg: Book One Foundlings".

 [Note: He actually mailed the book to a long list of families with The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew. But I digress.]

Promptly, two things struck me - one of those "judging the book by it's cover" sort of things.  One was the name of the Publishing Company.  Zoe and Sozo.  I thought surely these were the names of his children.  But, upon further reading about the author Matthew Christian Harding, he shared that these two special words come from the Greek.

Zoe meaning Life

Sozo meaning Save, Deliver, Protect

Outstanding!  My curiosity was peaked even further.

Upon reading this man's testimony of faith he described a life that spoke volumes to how much these two words meant to him.  For he was a tragedy in the making when the Lord saved, delivered, and  protected him many, many times and in the end captured his heart. You can read his testimony on his blog Matthew Christian Harding.com

The next thing that stood out was the notation under the summary on the back cover of the book: "No Magic, No Evolution, No Humanism".  I liked it already.

In this fun adventure of Good and Evil in the days following the Great Flood of Noah the followers of The Most High God fight to destroy the evil that permeates the world.    Their Faith stays strong as they battle the great creatures of wickedness and fight to save those whom the Evil one has targeted for sacrifice.   The Word of God is their Shield and Buckler.  Courage, Trust, and Integrity to protect their brother's and sister's in the Lord are strong.   In the spirit of Jonathan and David, Moses and Aaron, Loyalty, Honor, Character and Trust prevail. Mr. Harding demonstrates through his characters that though they may have weaknesses they are strong as they lean on and trust in the Lord.

"All men must fight against pride.  He said men with half your skill usually fall pray to its control.  So God gave you an awkwardness of form and speech to protect you from the pride which otherwise you  surely would have succumbed...It is a gift from God."

There are Dragons, Dragon Priests, Giants, Dwarf, Rangers, and Warriors.  With occasional humor, likened  to that of "The Princess Bride" and battles of Light and Darkness and journey's of faith in the spirit of "The Lord of the Rings" this book is FULL of everything children, boys especially, crave for in a good book.  The honesty of what evil can do to man is poignant.  The characters who Love the Lord God with all of their hearts are never ashamed to share the salvation of the Lord through the Truth of the Word of God and to pray for those immersed in the Evil darkness.  The encouragement children receive for fighting the Good Fight of Faith is astounding.  

"I must tell you that both the light and the dark of the this god of  yours are lies, and the path you've chosen does lead to Hell, exactly as the boy has told you.  The Most High God commands that no images be made of him so that we don't corrupt ourselves by worshiping His creation...An abomination to God it is, and He has forbidden it. Listen well my friend; you can have that bone-trembling fear taken away."

The way Mr. Harding displays to the reader that even 'good' witchcraft is evil in the eyes of God is presented without compromise.  I love this!  As a mother who has stood in the face of criticism for not allowing my children to read books promoting the 'good' and the 'bad' crafts of wizardry I am truly thankful for a book that speaks the Truth of the Heart of God to its reader. 

We have really enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good adventure with Biblical influences. In the back of the book, Mr. Harding ministers even further to the reader the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

From the heart of my children about 'Foundlings'
Eagle 1:  "I like the story-line.  I like that there is no evolution or witchcraft.  There is real Christianity."

Rhino 1:  "I like the hunting and adventure.  I like that it is Christian."

You can find "The Chronicles of Peleg: Foundlings" at the following links:


Book one

Copyright 2009 by Matthew Christian Harding
Publication/Street Date: September 1st, 2009

$11.95/Zoe and Sozo Publishing

ISBN 978-0-9823484-0-6
256 pages (232)
Ages: 10 and up


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Matthew Christian Harding
3034 Millers Landing Rd.
Gloucester VA 23061

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  1. Enjoyed reading your review. We reviewed this book as well at our home. I have mentioned this one here once before, but I LOVE your song on here- Love is Not A Fight. Never heard it till your site... such good words.


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