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It's Friday and the weekend is almost here.  Our Good Morning Girls group 'In Christ Alone Girls' has gotten off to a wonderful start.  I am really enjoying the accountability of every morning diving into a devotion and spending time with My Lord.  God has been good.  But it hasn't been easy!

Today's blog is short and sweet. God is working on my attitude. It is not easy. It is like refining gold. Hot, painful and cleansing. All that is not in God's plan for me is being weeded out.  So to help me along, yesterday in the mail, I received my Homemaking with TEACH magazine. This issues theme:
If you have never been blessed to receive the ministry of Lorrie Flem don't hesistate to drop by her website 'Homemaking with Teach' and be blessed beyond measure.  You can go here to receive a sample issue of her magazine that is brimming with Godly wisdom for women. 

How good is my God to not only be ridding me of my failings in attitude through trial but He ALWAYS gives me the tools to 'go through'. I will be blogging further on what He shows me each morning.  But I leave you today with a quote from Ms. Lorrie Flem from TEACH magazine.

 "Where's your attitude coming from right now? Is it coming from your load or your Lord? Your burdens or your blessings? The mess from the wrapping paper or the gift from God that was wrapped in it? Take a step back. Look past the garbage that's right in front of you and look at the goodness of God that's all around you!"
Praying for you ladies that you will see God as the only one who can Bring You Through!
In Christ Alone,


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