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Titus 2 Tuesday

"GOD'S GIFT - A wise woman doesn't take anything for granted. 
She is thankful to be loved and seeks to make herself more lovely." -Debi Pearl

I have two of the most important jobs in the whole world, that I love!  Jobs as old as time and both are vital to the ministry, health and welfare of my family and their future. 

Wife and Mother. 

These blessings have been bestowed upon me with a great calling, by a Great King. I have been called to serve in both positions with honor, love and diligence of service.  Of utmost importance on my heart today is my position as Wife.  I may step on some toes today ladies, but if you bear with me I believe, with all of my heart, you will be challenged by a loving God to look inward.  Let the Lord's gentle nudge change, soften your heart for His Glory.   I can honestly say that I have sinned the greatest in this area.  But by the Grace of my God...

wife [ wīf ]

man's spouse: the woman to whom a man is married

The lawful consort of man; a woman who is united to man in the lawful bonds of wedlock; the correlative [ the existence of one in a certain state depends on the existence of another ] of husband.

I have not always taken my calling as wife as seriously as I should.  At times I have been filled with pride and taken many falls.  I have lived out of a selfish flesh and have reaped the fruits of those shameful acts.  I have failed to honor the promises I made before my God and to my husband more times than I can count, seeking to satisfy my own desires above those promises.

Thankfully, I have their forgiveness and unconditional love.  Steadily, happily, I am learning what really makes my marriage a Great marriage.  It has never been easy but absolutely worth it. 
cov·e·nant [ kúvvənənt ]
contract, arrangement, covenant, treaty, promise, pact, settlement,
bargain, understanding, deal, compact, bond, concord

I made a covenant with my husband, almost 20 years ago, on my wedding day to love, honor and respect him as my husband made the same covenant promise to me.  Honor.  Respect.  What do those two words mean to your husband?  Everything!  A woman will say that Love is everything to her.  But, a man, what inspires him, empowers him, gives him the fire to get up every day and work to support his wife and family?  Honor and respect!  Most importantly from you, his wife.

"Though a husband may not deserve respect and a wife may not feel any respect, contemptuous speech never touches the human spirit in a positive and lasting manner.
The Bible reveals that a wife's respect for her husband is as powerful as her husband's love is to her."
-Dr. Emerson Eggerich

God is not going to judge my job as wife, the one He entrusted to me from the foundation of the world, on how clean or well decorated my home is or how I 'entertained' the world.  He is not going to ask me "in every thing you did to make your home work did you make sure to 'keep up with the Jones', doing it their way instead of Mine?"  NO. 

My Heavenly Father is going to look at how I fulfilled his Word "...the wife must respect her husband." (Ephesians 5:33)  Have I truly respected my husband with all that I am? 

He knows whether or not I submitted myself to serve my husband even when he may not have deserved it. 

God knows when I grumbled under my breath because my husband did not speak to me as tenderly as I wished or did not do something the way I thought he should do it. 

God heard every time I criticized my husband behind his back to family or friends instead of blessing and serving him in love. 

I am not a doormat.  But, I am a wife that helps meet the needs of my husband according to Genesis 2:18 "Now the Lord God said, It is not good (sufficient, satisfactory) that the man should be alone; I will make him a help meet (suitable, adapted, complementary) for him." 

Are you helping your husband minister a godly marriage to the world?  Or, is the world hearing you grumble about how bad your husband is and how he never does it your way?  It's time for some straight talk sweet friends. 

God did not make us wives to boss our husbands around.  He isn't our punching bag or doormat when our selfish wants and feelings (read HORMONES) rule over us.  God didn't bless us with a husband to do our jobs for us.  The moment he walks in the door after work we can not always dump the kids, hand him our honey-do list and bolt for the door because we 'can't handle it anymore!'  He is there to help us but he is not our 'dumping ground'.

What would happen if our husbands "just couldn't handle it anymore" at work and was constantly telling his boss, " I can't handle this project.  Here.  You take care of it."  What is going to happen?  You got it. No more job. 

Seeking more and more activities outside of the home to satisfy our own desires sacrifices our time with our husbands and our families when they need us to be there for them.  They may not tell you but they do need you. 

Our first ministry must be in our home and then to the world. Please don't read more into this than it is.  I am not saying never leave your family.  I am saying serve your family first, take care of them and the Lord will bless the fruits of your labor.  Seek Him first and He will give you opportunities to enjoy times with other moms and friends - times of great refreshing.  We simply must make sure we are not putting our lives before our marriage and our family.

"One is not better than the other.  TOGETHER they are beautiful!"
-Mrs. Lorrie Flem

God gave us that blessing of a husband to model His 'marriage' relationship with us; He is our Bridegroom and we are His Bride.  Would you look at your Lord the way you look at your husband?  Would you treat your Lord the way you treat your husband?  Would you speak to your Lord the way you speak to your husband? 

"The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart,
and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart.
For out of the overflow of man's heart his mouth speaks." -Luke 6:45

In my daily trust in the Lord for my marriage I remember that how I act and speak to my husband today makes a difference tomorrow.  The Lord expects me to treat my husband the way He (God) intended me to treat him, not the way he deserves.  I certainly don't deserve what I am getting because I get heaven and deserve hell.  My husband gets my best because God told me to give it to him.   

My idea of submitting to my husband is not the world's ugly 'submission is slavery' slogan.  When I submit to my husband I reap heavens reward.  The world is screaming at me to "do my thing" or I will never be happy.  I vehemently disagree!  I don't want to be a part of the devastating statistic of divorced single mom's because I served my flesh and sacrificed my marriage, my family, my home.  (Note:  I've said it before we are not doormats.  We are not man's stomping ground.  Marriages filled with physcial/mental abuse - those situations are never acceptable!)

So your challenge today ... Show your husband Respect, honor and love.  When you speak, allow your words to bring life to your husband.  Allow your words and actions to determine the joy you experience in your marriage.  As you go through your days ask yourself...

"Are my words, my attitude, my facial expressions, my body language encouraging my husband?" 

"Am I showing my husband respect and honor with ALL of me, spirit, soul and body?" 

What will men do for your respect and honor?
"Think of what men will do for honor. They will take bullet shots from an enemy. While everyone is running out of a burning building, men will run up 20 flights of stairs to save lives. They will shoot the bear and laugh about it later. They are just wired this way - and isn't it glorious that they are! " -Courtney @ Women Living Well

You will be amazed when that twinkle re-ignites in his eyes as your husband feels your respect and your honor and your love for him.

He will walk a little taller.

He will have a new spring in his step.
His smile will be brighter.

He will be empowered as he goes through his day at work and home.

He will seek to love you and bless you as much as he can. 

It is said...
"A wise woman builds her home.
A foolish woman tears it down one selfish act or word at a time." -unknown

How firm is your foundation?  The work is hard and requires diligent endurance some days.  In the end, the reward is a Fabulous Marriage blessed by the Lord God Almighty. 
Heaven on earth!

From my heart to yours,


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