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Blog Walk-About The Fourth!

It's Blog Walk-About Day here at My Own Sense and Sensibility.  Journey with me to discover more TOS Homeschool Crew members bearing their hearts on every day life.

Today we are visiting...

She is a follower of Jesus Christ, married to her best friend, and considers educating her 3 sons the hardest and most rewarding job she's ever had and that makes it a privilege and honor.

A Christian Homeschooling mom to 6 beautiful children.  Her blog is their journey God chooses to guide them through, the struggles they face and their accomplishments.

A homeschool mom who battles chronic pain with Fibromyalgia while leaning on God to give her the strength to endure it daily.  She is thankful to God each day, as she looks into her beautiful daughter's face, to bring her through.

Wife and mom who has a great desire to walk with Jesus, following His plans, and homeschooling.

Says that she is a work in progress who likes justice, is a romantic, a wife and a homeschool mum to 2 children and loving it.

A parent of 7 who is a book-lovin', home-lovin', family-lovin', stay-at-home mom who homeschools her children.

Blog based on curriculum, literature based studies, their experiences with homeschool and life, organization, scheduling and balancing responsibility.

Wife and Mother of 7 (2 in the Arms of Love) - they have been homeschooling for 8 years.  Through many medical ups and downs with their 4 children on the autism spectrum and her lupus, Heather says that the Lord is guiding them through and to Listen to Him. "He is the goal at the end of the homeschool journey."

Wife of 16 years to her best friend and homeschool mom to 2 lovely children.  They are very relaxed, eclectic homeschoolers who use their favorite parts of many homeschooling philosophies.

A full-time SAHM, married with 1 son who is a computer geek, loves travel and Disney World, is a photography enthusiast and is "testing out" homeschooling hoping that they will like it.

Enjoy!  I'll be back next week for more Blog Walk-About.

On my journey,

A Journey of Treasure
-by Raymond A. Foss

Like the Magi,
We are each on the journey
a quest for the king
Ourselves the treasure,
the metal, the myrrh, the offering
Following a star, a hope
A search for epiphany,
life changing meaning,
through loving adoption
by the living God.

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    Received your message via my blog. Thanks for visiting! I just love the way you tell others about the blogs you've visited!! LOVE the look of your blog and your beautiful button! Going to make myself a cup of coffee and browse your blog a bit :)


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