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Blog Walk-About Episode 5

Today we journey with a homeschool dad, a mom who loves coffee, a highly organized mom and much more.  Let's walk!

Dad's Homeschool Blog
Love It!  We have a dad this week.  A retired Army Sergeant now serving God and his family as the stay-at-home dad and homeschooling his two boys.  This is his unique male take on the experience.  Be sure to read his first blog "Hello Homeschooling World!

These Are Our Best Days
A lovely Homeschooling mom to 3 boys and a little girl who is loving life and believes the Lord hand picked her husband just for her.  Her greatest desire is to grow in the Lord and be a living example for her children.

A Mosaic In the Making
A beautiful mom, who is often mistaken for a 20 year old, born and raised in the Midwest, now living in the Southwest, who loves Jesus, fell in love with her husband at the blink of an eye (after a year), homeschooling for 6 years and will continue as the Lord leads.

Wrightsboro Sonrise Center
Homeschooling adventures with her 3 boys - all on the spectrum.  She has 3 dogs, 2 fish, and as many birds as they can feed at their bird feeders.  She has been married to her husband for 14 years.

Crazy Homeschool Daze
Grab some coffee and sit a spell and enjoy wife, mother, daughter, aunt, sister and above all else a daughter of the The Kind.  They live each day to the fullest, sometimes failing (don't we all), praising God they get a new start every day to try again.

Gold, Silver, Precious Stones
Homeschool mother of a boy and a girl, wife to high school sweet heart for 23 years, busy building in their children the knowledge that children are a gift from a loving Creator.

Ramblings of the Blonde Mother Bear
A homeschool mom who began homeschooling as a decision based in fear that transitioned to one walked in faith.  Though there were rough days, it was the best choice they ever made, benefiting their family and faith.

Life at Rossmont
A mom sharing bits and pieces of their homeschool journey with 5 children, in awe daily of their incredible talent, creativity, and imaginations, each one of her blessings possess.

Pink and Orange Coffee
A stay-at-home wife and mom to one great child, homeschooling in the classical tradition, trying to get her life organized and crafted.  Join her on her quest to b a bit more Martha and a lot less Sanford and
Son.  She also really likes coffee.

Confessions of an Organized Homeschool Mom
A highly organized person who loves to help others organized.  They completed their 10th year of homeschooling and are beginning an adventure in dual-enrollment in the fall while she improves her skills working toward her master's in English.


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  1. How cool to see my blog on your list! lol Thanks for letting me know. :-D I am so loving this Blog Walk!!


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