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It's Not Too Late to Evaluate, Prioritize and Organize

di-jest: organize something systematically: to organize something into a system, often through selective condensing of the various items

Hi Friends,

I am Spotlighting a new 'Digest' I read recently written for families who are looking for creative ideas to save money and time...

"Molly's Money-Saving Digest January 2010: Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize."

Now, I have to start by saying I am not the most frugal or organized person in the world  [just ask my hubby].  So when I became aware of these monthly digests, I think I was afraid 'Money-Saving' meant being cheap.  I guess I am more of the "if I have the money and it is what we need, buy it!"  I don't always take the time to look for the best deals, on-sale items or at clearance racks.  Hmmm...sound like OCSBS (Only Child Spoiled Brat Syndrome)?   I guess I thought it would be too much trouble.  Been there?  Well, with this economy and the uncertainty of the future it is time I rid myself of my inner-brat and get on board the money-saving train. 

Then, there is the whole organization of my home, finances and time.  I have confessed on this blog before, I am a recovering perfectionist and it's all or nothing with me sometimes.  I am always searching for new ideas on how to simplify my life and bring peace to our family through order and organization.

This digest series will definitely help.  At $4.95, January's installment of  The Old Schoolhouse's E-book, "Molly's Money-Saving Digest", is filled with fun, pocketbook-friendly ideas for decorating, cooking, menu planning, and getting our finances, time and 'stuff in order.  There are easy to implement, creative ideas. Included is a wonderful article on how to open and maintain a checking account.  I know adults who still struggle in this area.  Something for all ages, even our teenagers would benefit from much of the information in this easy to read and easy to use E-book. 

I am what the introduction describes as one who is 'trying to force 36 hours worth of expectation into a 24 hour day'.  It NEVER works!  "Molly" encourages us to evaluate, prioritize, and organize our lives!  She is simply to the point.  No fluff.  Her  encouragement to evaluate time drains [Internet anyone?], leave as many blank days on your calendar as you can making family-time most important, and getting your 'life' in order.  All of her ideas are simple and practical.  For those of us who are organizationally challenged "Molly" makes the way  less complex.  I so need that.  Other articles include:

  • Easy Pie crust with Pie filling 'magic trick' from Martha Greene/ Marmee Dear
  • Special dates to remember - did you know there is actually a 'Cuddle-up Day' January 6th
  • Forms galore for budgeting, clothing inventory, calendar, to-do list
  • Kids corner
  • Frugal decorating
  • And more...
You know how much I love e-books, instant download!  Even more than getting it right away, there is an extensive directory of instant links within this e-book to connect to websites concerning every subject discussed.  When we have the tools we can save, save, save. 


From my heart,

Molly's Money-Saving Digest January, 2010: Evaluate, Prioritize, Organize
2010 The Old Schoolhouse, LLC
P. O Box 8426
Gray, TN 37615

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