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Help Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Homeschool My High Schooler Review

"Lord, I thank you for these children You have entrusted to us.  Help us, as they are growing into young adults, to continue to teach them well, to train their characters to be conformed to Your Holy One, to give them room to grow, and to ground them in Your Word.  Thank you, In the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen." - Mary Tanksley

Since the first day our homeschool journey began three years ago, family, friends and ladies at the check-out counters want to know, 'Why do you homeschool?'  The question that most often follows is, "Are you planning to homeschool through high school?" Outwardly, I answer confidently, "I believe that is God's will for our family but, we go into each new year as He directs us".  Inwardly, nervous anticipation begins to rise at the reality of homeschooling a high school student.   

When asked to review a book for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, I was honored. When I saw the title, I was thrilled! As I am about to launch in to the High School years, "Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Homeschool My High  Schooler" could not have come at a better time.  
"It is God who girds me with strength and makes my way perfect"
-Psalm 18:22

"Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Homeschool My High Schooler!", is an E-book from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  As I journeyed through the pages of the lives of these families, I was edified in my own journey.  These stories, from mom's and dad's, daughter's and son's, share from the heart the lessons the Lord instilled in them while schooling at home.  They were just like you and me.  They had their doubts and fears, and expectations that were not always in God's plan for their family.  Their testimonies prove, that no matter what situation the Lord set before them, they found themselves drawing closer to Him for their strength.  He always showed them the way and placed just the right people and resources in their path to guide them.

These homeschoolers share their triumphs and struggles, rejoicings and heartaches, wisdom and times of foolishness, giving those of us who are 'up-and-coming' the courage to take a step of faith no matter how 'qualified' we are or are not.  In the end their ministry to us is that the Lord always knows what is best and He will show us the way in which we should go.  Whether it's curriculum, learning disabilities, co-ops, dual enrollment, He is in control.  God has a call on our lives, first to the faith and character of our children and then to their knowledge. 
"When there was a desire with no way to fulfill it, we prayed and sought God's best. Sometimes another door would open. Sometimes we walked together past a closed door. It wasn't easy or perfect, but isn't that real life? We wanted them to learn to see God's hand and trust His voice for themselves while the stakes were not as high and to develop their own wisdom and life-handling 'muscles' while we were on hand to encourage them."  - Lynn Fote

"Even our best-laid plans may not fit God's design for our children. We truly have to study His Word, pray, and trust Him to guide and direct us each step of the way." -Leatrice Lanier

  • How a child who may not thrive on textbooks or worksheets, may flourish with unit studies and hands-on activities.
  • What one mother discovered about her dyslexic child with headaches and how that related to her learning ability.
  • Should your student take college courses (dual enrollment) during high school?
  • How Bible, character training and chores are all a part of real-life learning.
  • How homeschool moms and dads may have added too many outside activities and how simplifying brought peace back to the home.
  • How we can succeed even teaching subjects that are not our forte.
  • The flexibility that homeschooling provides to allow students to dive deeper into the areas that interest them the most.
  • Ideas on choosing a curriculum, scheduling, real-life education and learning successfully with disabilities.
  • How field trips, clubs, sports, missionary trips and co-ops give your student more opportunities to make new and lasting friendships while allowing them to grow and mature.

The high school years can be intimidating. But, just as the Lord has taught parents "on the job", so it is with Homeschooling.  "Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler!" is a wonderful book that I recommend all homeschool parents read, even those who may have already embarked on those High School years.  The encouragement and honesty is invaluable. I would like to encourage you as you read through these testimonies, to not let yourself become envious of the successes they share.  These victories come after many years of "going through" and come from their hearts to let you know that you can do it!

This easy to read, 122 page E-book, will be a resource you return to time and time again to remind yourself why you homeschool as you continue the journey the Lord has set before you and your child. It is your instant homeschool support group from homeschooler's who have 'been there'. They want you to know that you can do it while leaning on, and trusting in the Lord! 

 "Help, Lord, I'm Getting Ready to Homeschool My High Schooler!" 
"God is faithful and His is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him"   -Deborah Wuehler

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Disclaimer: as required by the FTC - I received this product free of charge for review purposes only. I was not paid for my review, they are strictly my personal opinion.


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