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Now, That is Awesome!

Today's blog is inspired by the word AWESOME!

impressive and frightening:
so impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong feeling of admiration or fear

used as a general term of enthusiastic approval

Yes, today's blog is Greatly inspired by ...

The Love of my life, my hubby, my Captain Awesome, the most 'half-glass full' inspiration in my life. (He has the hat to prove it!)

My favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman and her blog Cathartic Exercise, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE [FILL IN THE BLANK]" click here

My favorite t.v. show Chuck. The bro-in-law, Captain Awesome, Devon, (see pic above) who is without a doubt always positive. "Babe, That is Awesome!" - even when things are not 'Awesome!'

The discovery of the true meaning of the word Awesome from Urban Dictionary:

"Something Americans use to describe everything."

AND the fact that my week has been filled with an abundance of 'Character Training' in every child in my home, of which drains me mentally and physically...

Our Mission for the day, if you choose to accept, is...

With every bit of Enthusiasm and Intensity you have inside of you, and a smile on your face, when the negatives start flying say, Out loud, "THAT IS AWESOME"! Let this phrase set you free today, my friend.

-William Wallace Braveheart

God, How AWESOME and fearfully glorious are Your works! -Psalm 66:3

Yours Truly,

Mindy and My Own Sense and Sensibility


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