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Fun with Photoshop Elements 8

I love taking pictures. I would take pictures of every detail of my life if I could manage. The only problem is the 'perfectionist' in me hates picking and choosing which ones to keep and beautify. Which leads to my next confession...I also love using Photoshop Elements 8 to make those beautiful pictures even more stunning. When I first received PE8 though I didn't do such a good job editing. Case in point: I beautified pictures from my moms birthday and she hated them. I don't know that it was so much the photo's I took or the fact that it was one of 'those' birthdays. I think she was absolutely beautiful. I even have friends sending me messages telling me how gorgeous she. Oh well, I think I need a little more practice.

And that's when the Lord saw fit to have grace on me and give me a gift - The Pioneer Woman's PE8 Actions. At one click of a button and masks, colorizations, crispings later (takes like 1 second) my photo is awesome! I am in love. Well, very much in like.

For example...
When I saw this photo op my heart was melting. When I saw this photo on my computer I melted some more. Doesn't it look like she is kneeling to pray? Oh, I love it!!!!

Then I put through Pioneer Woman's PS8 Actions and.....


This is what I did = PW Boost + PW Warm + PW Slight Light (I like to call it 'Let there be Light!') Isn't it gaaawwwgeous! Love, Love, Love it!
Look at the difference in the clarity, light and Color! This is too much fun.

For you Photoshop Elements 8 users you can find these awesome and FREE actions here. It's really easy to upload and go!


Many Blessings, MOSS


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