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Now, That is Awesome!

Today's blog is inspired by the word AWESOME!

impressive and frightening:
so impressive or overwhelming as to inspire a strong feeling of admiration or fear

used as a general term of enthusiastic approval

Yes, today's blog is Greatly inspired by ...

The Love of my life, my hubby, my Captain Awesome, the most 'half-glass full' inspiration in my life. (He has the hat to prove it!)

My favorite blogger, The Pioneer Woman and her blog Cathartic Exercise, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE [FILL IN THE BLANK]" click here

My favorite t.v. show Chuck. The bro-in-law, Captain Awesome, Devon, (see pic above) who is without a doubt always positive. "Babe, That is Awesome!" - even when things are not 'Awesome!'

The discovery of the true meaning of the word Awesome from Urban Dictionary:

"Something Americans use to describe everything."

AND the fact that my week has been filled with an abundance of 'Character Training' in every child in my home, of which drains me mentally and physically...

Our Mission for the day, if you choose to accept, is...

With every bit of Enthusiasm and Intensity you have inside of you, and a smile on your face, when the negatives start flying say, Out loud, "THAT IS AWESOME"! Let this phrase set you free today, my friend.

-William Wallace Braveheart

God, How AWESOME and fearfully glorious are Your works! -Psalm 66:3

Yours Truly,

Mindy and My Own Sense and Sensibility
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The Theme is...Bridal Showers...no, Spring...no, Food

Ah Spring! The flowers are bursting forth in beautiful color. The trees are full and green. The air is fresh and clean. Did I just rhyme? Maybe I should have written a poem instead. OK, back on track. Anyway, as I was saying...What a blessing to watch the symphony our God set forth from the Beginning.

Now that it's spring, bridal showers are popping up all over the place. Love is in the air. You go to the grocery store and you see those pretty white balloons on the street signs. On our 'Sunday' drive the other day we passed by two homes that were having bridal showers at the same time. I remember my bridal showers. So much fun and so many wonderful [mostly] gifts. This is really making me feel old.

I'm rambling, but, I do have a purpose. I wanted to share one of my favorite food blogs. I have found some of the most delicious recipes that my family loved. [Definition of loved: "Do you like it enough that you think you would eat it again?" Response: "Yes."] You can find Tasty Kitchen here and what inspired today's blog. "The Theme is...Bridal Showers", and this can be found here. Now I don't have any plans in the near future to throw anyone a shower. But, I do have plans to make some of these beautiful dishes. Come to think of it Mom's Night Out is here at my house next month. What can I make? Votes from you MNO'ers?

The pictures alone will make your mouth water. Reading the recipes just might make you melt. Oh my heavens! Let's start cookin'. First off, thirsty? The one called Sunshine Nectar sounds spectacular. [We are an alcohol free zone so we will make the kiddy version] I have no idea how to find Peach nectar but I am willing to search high and low just to try this delactable looking drink. Kind of reminds of Fuzzy Navels. And we are so not going there. Moving on...

It's 10 o'clock at night and I am feeling a hunger pain comin' on. Woo!

Check them out and then get in the kitchen with your babes, your kids, your younguns' and have fun. I'm going to go clean the sink FULL of stinky dishes first though. Ugh! I hate cleaning dishes. Just ask my sweet, wonderful, loving husband who has to do them for me every now and then. ;-)

Blessings and Joy to you All! MOSS
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Fun with Photoshop Elements 8

I love taking pictures. I would take pictures of every detail of my life if I could manage. The only problem is the 'perfectionist' in me hates picking and choosing which ones to keep and beautify. Which leads to my next confession...I also love using Photoshop Elements 8 to make those beautiful pictures even more stunning. When I first received PE8 though I didn't do such a good job editing. Case in point: I beautified pictures from my moms birthday and she hated them. I don't know that it was so much the photo's I took or the fact that it was one of 'those' birthdays. I think she was absolutely beautiful. I even have friends sending me messages telling me how gorgeous she. Oh well, I think I need a little more practice.

And that's when the Lord saw fit to have grace on me and give me a gift - The Pioneer Woman's PE8 Actions. At one click of a button and masks, colorizations, crispings later (takes like 1 second) my photo is awesome! I am in love. Well, very much in like.

For example...
When I saw this photo op my heart was melting. When I saw this photo on my computer I melted some more. Doesn't it look like she is kneeling to pray? Oh, I love it!!!!

Then I put through Pioneer Woman's PS8 Actions and.....


This is what I did = PW Boost + PW Warm + PW Slight Light (I like to call it 'Let there be Light!') Isn't it gaaawwwgeous! Love, Love, Love it!
Look at the difference in the clarity, light and Color! This is too much fun.

For you Photoshop Elements 8 users you can find these awesome and FREE actions here. It's really easy to upload and go!


Many Blessings, MOSS
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Hi, my name is Mindy and ....

...I am a recovering perfectionist.

It has been one day since falling off the wagon, AGAIN, but I am back on track today. I know it sounds funny but perfectionism has ruined my life. The funny thing is if you were to come to my home you would look at me and say, "Hmm, perfectionist?" [I don't think so] It's all or nothing! If it isn't perfect or will not stay perfect, why bother! Well, I am recovering.

per - fec - tion - ist [ per fekshenist ] NOUN

> a demanding person: somebody who demands or seeks to acheive nothing less than perfection

synonyms: stickler, purist, quibbler, hairsplitter, fusspot

Case in point: My first entry in my new blog I edited 7 times. And I am still thinking about going back and tweeking it a bit. Better get in there and read it now while I can stand to leave it the way it is. Hehe! My husband has had many a good laugh at me over the years. When I write a grocery list, if it is not neat I rewrite it. Sad....pathetic...ugh! Yes, I know. As my husband says waste of time! Again, I am recovering.

Why do we, as women, do that to ourselves? My God-given nature is to nuture. My flesh wants perfection. I am most demanding, seeking perfection in myself. Although, my children on any given day may say I am most demanding on them. It is a sickness. I know this because I have made myself physically sick wanting perfection. The stress, irritability, anger, frustration...the list goes on too long. I may have ruined a few relationships along the way because of perfectionism. Ever been there? Either I work too hard to make life 'just right' or I waller [Yes, this is an actual word not just my southern twang...Urban Dic. defines it as: to roll about enthusiastically in or lay upon an undisirable substance. Ha!] in guilt because I can never meet my own expectations.

But now, I am learning to let go and Let God! I don't understand God's plans and purposes. I am choosing to step out of the boat and keep my eyes on my Jesus. I choose to live! I choose to be healthy and happy! I have come to the wonderful conclusion [only took me 40 years] that if it makes me happy then I am happy. That joy will, in turn, exude from my being causing others to feel joy. Atleast, this is my hope. I don't have to have a perfect house just to please people. I simply want them to feel comfortable. My hair, make-up and clothes don't have to be perfect [whatever that means to each person I come in contact with] just to have people say 'wow, you look..... today'. If it makes me happy... My children don't have to learn everything every other child in the world is learning. They are exceptional individuals, with gifts given to them by God to accomplish missions only they can tackle. Thank God for homeschooling! We will talk more about that later.

I am leaning on the Word to get me through. When I think I have to have it perfect I remind myself:

Psalm 125:1 Those who trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the LORD, are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever.

Proverbs 3:5 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the LORD, with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own understanding.

Conquering the mountain one step at a time!
Bless you my sweet friends, MOSS
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My Own Sense and Sensibility...Why?

Why My Own Sense and Sensibility?

I really enjoy Jane Austen! The literature, the romance, and the character flaws and how they rectify themselves through love. One of my favorites is 'Sense and Sensibility'. Elinor Dashwood and her ability to show grace in hardships is admirable. A quality I would like to emulate in my life. Marianne's ability to just blurt-out whatever passionate feeling she has and then act irreverantly, is so true of my selfish nature.

As I may have stated before, I love to find the deeper meaning of words that bring out the truth in what I am trying to express. My own sense and sensibility really expresses how I "take it all in" in this life of mine.

sense [senss] ability to appreciate something: a faculty whereby somebody appreciates a particular quality or qualities [wisdom, common sense, good judgement]

I have had a sense of appreciation all of my life. As an only child I had many opportunities to take in this life, walking in nature and knowing how to really breathe; I could hear the wind blow in the trees; settle on the sand at the beach and hear the roar of the waves deep in my soul; stand on a mountain and take in the vast expanse feeling the true meaning of freedom. I always wanted to do the right thing. My heart only wanted to show love so that everyone knew love. And then....and then, I met LOVE, Jesus himself.

[Here...1985, In the small Porziuncola in Assissi, Italy].

Now as an adult, married with children I am having to learn that all over again or atleast as an adult with childlike faith. I am far from perfect. I am flawed with big sin but I have a Big God! The journey back to 'stop and smell the roses' is proving to instill in me a greater appreciation of what a precious life my Lord has given me. I am learning to breathe again.

sen-si-bil-i-ty [sense-billatee] capacity to respond: emotionally or aesthetically - capacity to feel: or to perceive [responsiveness, deep feeling, emotional response, receptivity, awareness]

Some days I am Elinor. Rerserved, careful, graceful. I'm taking it all in with a smile on my face. Other days I am Marianne. Passionate, reactive, firing off like a canon. Oh, look out when the feelings start flying! Woo! Ha! [OK I'll stop now :-)]

I tend to write like Jane, at least in her earlier works, with too many adjectives trying to express the fullness of my thoughts.

Well, that is it in a nutshell. My new blog. I will be sharing what the Lord is working in me as He teaches me to be more like my Savior Jesus. I will share encouragement to build up the wife, mother, daughter in every woman. I will share my favorite things...scriptures, books, movies, homeschool goodies, health and organics. Just whatever comes to mind and is interesting for the day. I pray that you are blessed through this blog as I, more than anything, strive to bring Glory to God in all things!

In Christ Alone, MOSS
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